The Straps For Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch

The Omega Speedamster Moonwatch is certainly one of the most popular chronographs among all enthusiasts and one of the things that most characterizes this watch is the ability to bond with many straps. In fact, the community that revolves around this chronograph is closely linked to the combination with any type of strap. More than any other watch in the world, in fact, the Moonwatch receives these typical dress changes.
This section is based precisely on selecting those that may be the best colors and the right materials to match our watches and today we are talking about the fantastic Moonwatch.

Let’s talk about history!

The Omega Speedmaster was born in 1957 together with two other watches, the Railmaster and the Seamaster, forming the trilogy that still characterizes Omega. The chronograph was equipped with an excellent caliber, coming from Lemania, an Omega-owned company. Immediately the Speedmaster was a great success due to the external tachymeter scale which gave a very aggressive and dynamic look. Many professionals bought the Speed ​​because it was really a well made, reliable and very precise instrument. In 1962, two Americans decide to buy two Speedmasters: one was Walter Schirra and the other was Gordon Cooper, two of the astronauts chosen by NASA for the space conquest project. As we know, NASA used the Speedmaster as a watch to be supplied to their astronauts but at the time “Warry” and “Gordo” bought the two watches as private individuals, it was destined to become NASA’s watch!

After the tests in 1964, NASA chose the Speedmaster as the official watch for space missions, passing several tests and extreme trials. Calibers such as the Valjoux72 with Rolex or the legendary 13ZN by Longines also participated in those tests, but nothing could stop the Speedmaster running. In 1968, there was the change of movement, from 321, to 861, a caliber that will animate the Moon until 1997.

If today we call it ” Moonwatch ” it is because on July 21, 1969 with the Apollo 11 mission, the Speedmaster was on the wrist of the three famous astronauts (Collins, Aldrin, Armstrong). From after ’69, more precisely with the Scritta Dritta (produced from ’70 until about ’73) we will have the first pads with the famous writings about the moon landing:

One of the things that has always struck me about the Moonwatch is that it goes well with any strap and with this peculiarity it can be used in any context!


I have selected several straps to match the Moonwatch but my choice is always very simple, I would say clean. I love being able to wear a watch in all contexts and I always look for the right match with every type of situation and outfit. In general, I use straps that can fit a little on everything, so that you never have color problems or have to regret the chosen strap.

One thing I like to do when choosing clothes and apparel is to imagine you can the type of watch and, in this case, if we talk about Moon, the type of strap .. as it is called ‘Straps Killer’ or ‘Straps Monster’ (for its great qualities of matching with any type of strap)!

I would like to start talking about the steel bracelet which in my opinion is always an excellent alternative and all in all you are never wrong. Yet it is not all steel that glitters because in my opinion there are defects that make the bracelet a little uncomfortable and easy to replace. The first flaw is in the closure: few micro adjustments. It goes without saying that whenever a watch has few adjustments, my measurement is never there. I love to wear beautifully fitting watches and with the Omega bracelet I find myself either with a watch that is too tight or too wide. The second flaw, which if you have a medium wrist like mine is not so intrusive is the final shirt. We find the ends of the bracelet, the part that connects with the case, which lengthens the distance from handle to handle. Without bracelet the L2L is just 48mm and makes the Moon a comfortable and perfect watch but with its bracelet we reach 52mm. Being quite straight, they spoil the whole design of the Speedmaster’s fantastic case. Despite this, if you have a medium-large wrist, the steel bracelet is still very valid and robust, among the best in this price range.

Today’s first real strap is a black genuine leather strap, quilted and semi-edged. It has a glossy finish that allows it to have that extra touch of seriousness that combined with the black color makes the watch perfect for all contexts. It is probably my favorite of the whole selection because it gives a touch of elegance but at the same time the watch remains sporty without daring or overdoing it.
I don’t particularly like the crocodile strap (even if Omega sells the Moon precisely in configuration with the crocodile) because, in my opinion, it clashes a bit with the sporty style that the Moon has and must maintain. The particularity of this strap is in contact with our skin where we find a perforated area that helps the skin to breathe in the warmer months. It really represents my taste and is my number one choice.

The second strap is always very classic but you will see .. all the straps I propose on the Moon are very simple and elegant. In this case we are talking about a washed sheepskin strap in cognac color. The softness of this strap is truly amazing, I have never tried, especially considering the price, such a comfortable and fragrant strap. He then goes to the wedding with the Moon, it gives it a touch of class that never hurts, a beautiful color to detach from the black of the bezel and dial and perfect with autumn colored clothes such as military green, dark blue or gray.

The third strap is a WatchGecko strap and which I have never found on their website, I bought it several years ago and still consider it one of the most beautiful straps in my strap section. It is a strap in an almost sand tone, a very light color, similar to the vintage 50s / 60s straps and gives just that touch of vintage to the watch. In this case we have a tritium Moon, yellowed and therefore goes very well with the colors of the strap that recalls the color of the luminescent paste well. It is very thin and tapered which makes it really comfortable and soft.

In this case, however, I want to offer you something sporty but not too invasive. Leather strap of Kudu, an antelope that lives in Africa. This leather is hard and resistant, perfect for the Moon and the strap is quite thick.The buckle is very large just to resume that very sporty style, in a Panerai key. The color I chose is gray, which matches perfectly with the anthracite black of the Moon dial. I don’t like contrasting stitching (I think you understand) and in fact I like this strap a lot because the stitching that holds the parts together is the same color as the leather, thus making the piece cleaner and simpler.

How to talk about Moon and not to talk about born straps. The new Omega kit includes an original born as a gift but if you want to buy it separately it has a really high price. Considering the type of material used in the original born, if we search well on the net, we manage to get to the seat belt. Seal belt means safety belt and in fact the born in question have the same weave and above all have the same shine as the belt of our cars. In addition, these straps are much softer and more comfortable than the NATO classics which, on the other hand, sometimes are uncomfortable and a bit low-level, even if you pay a lot for them. I selected two colored seat belts because the classic black, for me, turns off the clock a little too much. Sand and military green, in seat belt mode are the best, they give color without being intrusive or tacky. The born are perfect for use a little more sporty, a little more fun and the watch is more comfortable and lighter.

I hope this short guide can help you find the perfect strap for your Moon as being the perfect watch for every strap (usually the other way around), it’s always very difficult to choose and understand what’s best for us.

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